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Lisbon, May 9, 2004

It had been raining for 4 days but when I got here things seemed hopeful. Thing is the GUINNESS commercial needs sunsunsun to make sense. Saturday morning starts off with sun and clouds. Pleasant temps. Beautiful Atlantic on the horizon. Perfect day. The film unit has nestled itself in a parc in the middle of the city. Before all is onganized and the shadow of the trees have a more solid profile it is 11am.

While we start to mount & establish the camera grounds for the 10sec commercial we start to see what some of our problems will be before getting this done. When the sun disappears things look very boring on cam and the sun just jumps in the clouds rapidly. In&out. Sound keeps shutting us down because trains fly by frequently. This is a city alright. And planes do the same overhead. People with their children are stopped in their tracks. No play today. I am celebrating a brief return to the PURE GENIUS man which I reluctantly had to abandon after doing HIM for seven years. That was 9 years ago. It is my only bout ever with commercials and I relish the "game" and the playful written material and approach.

The director is sharp/sensitive/and delightful. The writer is helpful. We seem to know what we are looking for. And end up "canning" much more then asked for and with much pleasure. In the process of riding an older idea we seem to push the envelope just slightly. The concept being the same as before but the lines have a bit more edge here and there. I'm convinced we deliver a serious continuation of this but think many more possibilities could be created. I love them. We do about 70 takes in 4 hrs and we are done. With the above mentioned interfering bits I can assure you that is AF=absolutely fab as well as PG= pure genius .I can't tell you much more because GUINNESS likes to tell these things when they feel they should. But we did 5 times more in half a day than was expected.

And to just make it better I have decided to donate my salary to St*rfish after tax and representatives are payed. Now I will get ready to go to Milan. On a different note.DD is celebrating her b'day earlier than may11th because most people work and can't come that day. But she was warm and wept over the unexpected cards and good wishes. I will tell more later.


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