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California, May 9, 2007

The Pacific Ocean is calm. Grifith Park is still burning. Traffic is hectic. My days are filled with interviews, still. Mostly on the phone. Often starting at 6am. Yesterday was nice. Signed books in Malibu and was surprised of the crowd and its variety. One of them being a very hairy grey old sailor who had been a captain on a tugboat among other things. We agreed we would sit and tell a few sailors lies if we would meet again. Deal. This morning was rougher. I had asked the PR lady to call me always before doing anything for them, just to make sure we were all on the same page. When the phone rang at 6 it was the first interviewer.I overslept and fell out of bed trying to get my bearings. No coffee to help out. And on top of that the first few were just incredibly dumb and it gets chewy to keep that pleasant. One interviewer told me I had 60secs for the interview which left me mad, grimm, stoic, icy and wicked.

I congratulated him for doing most of the talking after having answered, "No" to the first five questions. Oi gewalt! And this is just o goy talking. It got better later. Some cancelled so I raced to the store and found my coffeefix. Now it’s after 4pm and the jets are taking off over the Marina Del Rey sky. I will go and do a video for Ridley Scott’s sake. When he is honoured later this year. Just to add. Then I am done. Tomorrow the same plus a voice over for a video game which I hope can be fun and creative.

On the side I am making plans for a Washington visit to have a small and modest flirt with a few people/companies. I have a Professor in Disaster Management at hand to guide me there. We hope to address the issue of AIDS/HIV there and make a plee to have it admitted as a slow onsetting disaster. If we succeed to bring some change in thinking the result we are hoping for that this will be accepted by our government. Rather than AIDS being part of the ministries of healths it would get a more specific place and it would allow more money to be dedicated to. I will keep you posted. This is a long road.


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