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California, May 12, 2009

Dear B'day bunz & bunnies,

I just can't believe how many of you had birthdays in this last period. Well here's a happy belated. I can't believe there is another 7-yr old fan wondering into the GB. Amazing. Lovely.

Also hard to believe that people die and die more the older we get. Mostly I did celebrate DD's birthday recently. She lived ten years longer than expected remembering the shape she was in not in the least due to the combination of drugs that kept her in her wheelchair together with AIDS.Yes. She spends a lot less time in it and walks around some and loves the dog she got as she celebrated her first "own" living quarters. She's making music and painting and still having a life.

Some of you may remember my other Caribbean princess linked to the setting up of my charity for HIV/AIDS women and children. She died like eight years ago without acces to the right medicine and/or too late for it anyway. Starfish payed for part of her funeral. Life is a treasure - no matter how bad sometimes - and always too short.

Love to you all.


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