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Melbourne, May 25, 2003

Struggles with PC some more. Yes, a really nice day. Finally go and away. You probably understood why the prologue of "You took the kisses out of my mouth" seems so appropriate...

I ride to the coast and cruise around Port Melbourne. Tiny Victorian houses and buildings are witnesses from the past. They look like little pieces of cake. Again no cops anywhere. But I guess Australia is a big island. It's all very beautiful and civilized. Sidewalks everywhere. In one of the cafes I meet some members of the crew who gather there sometimes on their days off because they otherwise never get to know eachother. A few chats there. Nice. A salad.

I ride another half hour as it gets dark. Call a number for a Dutch friend who moved here not long ago. Don't know where they are. When I speak to them I find out I'm standing a hundred yards away from their house. On my way back around 9:30pm the streets are quiet. And it's an easy ride. Guess what?

I spot a copcar across the road. Lights flashing. I make a u-turn and park the motorcycle. They ask me what's wrong. I say nothing is wrong but I'd like to ask them a question. She sez give us a couple of minutes. I switch off the bike. And hang. There is a guy on the sidewalk lurking at a parked car. A young lady is showing the cops around inthere. And they do not find whatever they are looking for. As this scene is underway I sit back for say ten minutes. It's worth it. I want a ticket. But it may take a bit of explaining and there's a chance of course they will think I'm pulling their leg. Anyway, as I see they are finishing up I get ready to show some ID etc. They don't seem to be in a hurry. As I look up they drive away. Duh. So no ticket yet.


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