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Sibiu, May 25, 2008

Let me tell you about beards. A hairy biz they are. In life they are the hairy little curse of men. Hairlessness can be a real pain but of course does not compare to the other curses. Like women's curse.

For acting beards are worse the both. For 'BARBAROSSA' it means shaving and have fresh glue to be applied in the morning for the beast to hang properly under the sun and while sweating to keep the horse going straight and the costume in the right place so as to not fall off with beard and all. The best hair for beards and wigs comes from India. They grow it there. Mostly on women. It is an industry.

Furthermore, as men in the year 1158 a.c. had no gentle turbo razors in the field, it was easy to maybe let the beardy be. I did entertain to grow my own for the part in 'BARBAROSSA' but it does make me look twice as old. Dyeing is out of question. The hair won't "grab" or "hold" the dye.

The production is largely populated with Italian craftsmen as well as Rumanians. They assured me they would do well in this department. I had talked to great beardmakers in London, if they would have time for me in case of an emergency. So, a few weeks ago, I was in Bucharest for the filmfest there and managed to connect with the Italian hair & makeup who are prepping the shoot and we had a fit. A fitting. They were true artist. It was great to see them work.

All in order now as long as I don't scratch.


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