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Melbourne, May 26, 2003

The fish is on the bait. I have a rendezvous 4 a tete-a-tete with an Australian cop. I went out for a pc testing MacGenius to hopefully fix possible virussssians. They say Mac has a small chance. But I think not me. Will see. It's been sorted out. Had a steak & salad same café as yesterday but sweeter and more desolate. Love it.

Rode back and found a policestation opposite townhall. Around 7pm. Little reception and busy. Cop came out and said nice bike you got. I said yeah thanks no wwarries cheeis. I guess it's rushour in the office there. He said yyaaaeeeeeh. I said I have an unusual question.Yyeeeeeeeaaaah. It comes down to this. I want a ticket.

He said what kind of ticket? I said the cheapest one. Because I'll make money for a charity with it. He said mmm. My boss has a lot of integrity. I said yyeeeeeeaah. I explained myself some more. Asked if flipping a finger would work. He said neeeooohuhww. I said there are a lot of girls who appreciate a ticket for running naked across the street. He said neeeooow because you'd have to go to court heeeeeher. Maybe in jail. I said well that might be milking it. He nodded. He said I'm on patrol tomorrow morning and I'll see what we can do...


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