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Cape Town, November 26, 2004

Tomorrow is the day of the ANGELRIDE. After a lot of prep we will be running with 50 or more motorcycles to the DELFT township in CAPETOWN. There 50 or so artists will take to the streets and perform for its people.

The townships people will also perform. Dance. Bands. And we will drop our gifts which basically is food and simple toys and candy. As well as a few sewing machines which will put a few women into business.

Pieter Dirk Uys is a special stand-up performer. He will head the "gang" as EVITA DARLING which is one of his drag queen characters. Ruby Wax will join us. As Ruby. I adore her. Heard that she was in town to make a movie. I finally got a hold of her yesterday. She's everything you ever dreamed of and more and she got aboard in a sec.

You will hear more of this in the near future.


I went shopping today for the kids after having a rough but good estimate about the things we could bring that make sense apart from pleasure.

These things hardly ever are bought because poverty just does not allow it and that's really all there is to it.
100 bags (200 lbs) of E-pap. A very healthy porridge.
Brown Sugar. 10 lbs. Honey. Condensed Milk. Peanut Butter. Boxes of beef stock. 100 boxes of washing powder. Candy. Chocolate. 10 Bubble blowing cannisters. Soccer balls. 5 jumping ropes. 10 kids backpacks. Paper. Chalk. Pampers. 2 boxes of babyfood. Milkpowder. The donations which are coming in from other parties I will report on later except one. A sewing machine. So damn terrific. It will put people into small business so they can support themselves.



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