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Cape Town, October 16, 2004

Can't tell all at once. Lot s of things in the oven.

Had an invitation for an art gallery opening with some country officials. Did not have much information but decided to go check it out. At 6pm at a convention centre here. I was gonna let people know where I'd be and my ticket would be waiting. Approaching these premises I saw many exotic and very dressed up people. I had figured that an opening would take 30min. If nice longer. If stupid less than 5 for me. That's just how patient I am. Anyway .I sms'ed people where and what etc. and tried to pick up my entrance invitation and lol and behold a small crowlike lady said I could get past her if I didn't have although I explained it was waiting for me a few yards away. Along the escalator on the side people were calmly moving up to the next floor and in big letters it said GALA DINNER. I wondered what to do. I always get in,don't i? But was it worth going through this nonsense. Outside great rain was hitting the pavement. And I decided to bail out. I may have missed all the bold and beautiful and some ugly too. The art I can see later. Tomorrow will be another day.

The work on POSEIDON is progressing with a vengeance and many good laughs. The crew and actorgang seems to enjoy it all. Very nice after 5 weeks of shooting. Still some 5 more to go.

I am still very excited within god's bishop's skin. Think it will work without leaning too much.

On the side I have been exploring some orphanages and a plan is now in progress for a little feast & field day. The basic idea is that we will gather the names of some orphaned kids in different areas. Their names will sit in a bowl and motorcycleriders will draw there kid and place and deliver a small surprise package. Some of this event I hope to cover with people from filmschool so we get a sweet dv doc out of it.

For the moment all this is being thought out. What I am personally just crazy about is that I hope to compose a small piece of "music". "The positively HIV+ symphony" which will be performed by drums & motorcycle engines. I have no idea how but will keep you posted.


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