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Los Angeles, October 16, 2005

The Deckard Canyon Road is a beautiful drive by day. The scenery is magnificent and changes constantly. It is a short cut across the Santa Monica mountains to the coast. It is maybe 15 miles long. It is a favourite for motorcycle riders because it is very curvy. It needs an alert and skilled rider

.I decided to avoid the Friday night traffic going back into L.A. and taking this road. By night this road becomes a mystery at times as the yellow stripes take laps of presence. The road is arrow and drivers are likely to be on the wrong side a lot. A hummer is a wider car than most. I so enjoy that car. It hummsss indeed.

At a certain point on one of the higher elevated nasty corners I found two red tail-lights sitting right in front of me on the left side and a car was sitting on the mountain curb. Its front left wheel hanging above hundreds of feet of nothing. Three people were just getting out. I was approaching them very quick and could only avoid hitting them barely. All this of course in less of a second. I parked with the blinkers on in this awkward spot. Got out. There were four teens wide-eyed trying to get the car back on the road. Trying to push. It was not moving. The right front wheel was sitting in some gravels .It was a frontwheel drive. There is a technique of lifting weight and changing a car's balance which will make the traction shift momentarily. I learned that in an off road courses in Scotland .I told one of them to crawl in behind the wheel and turn the wheel the other way. And be careful with the amount of gas. Then it was a matter of shaking and bouncing the car. The driver was still nervous and I saw him put it in the forward gear. Omg. "REVERSE!" I SHOUTED.

Anothet car came over the top and had to break the same way I did. Hairy stuff. But the next moment the car moved back. Hah. They had been very close to something very nasty. I continued feeling rrrreally good. Holy Cow. Life's too short anyway.


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