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New York, September 1, 2005

Cher cheries. I don't mean cherries only. I mean most of you and all who visit.
I did celebrate a nice day and evening.I signed my first bookdeal which means we will publish in the next two years.I know.Hell of a long time.But That's what it takes to get it outthere. Second and more immediate and more personal is the first limited addition of STARFISH TANGO.

This almost hand-written and hand-made and signed book which I think is as beautiful and fun as none, will become available within the next weeks and the first edition will be sold on Ebay. More info on this will follow here.

I am so excited .It took over three years to finalize this.

Lastly, I went to see a wonderful new piece of work of Michael Almareyda who presented his latest doc here in NY. A film on William Eggleston. I was completely new to this photographer's baffling work and was absolutely blown away by his personality, wit and passion if not more by the sketching filmmaker's camera and voice trying to get some sense or grip or idea why he was following this monster genius of photograpy and what it could possibly hold as a secret.

After the screening there was a Q & A, which in itself was a womb of irony as the doc itself reveals that photography and talk don't seem to make any sense to William Eggleston. I happened to be seated in the front row which was the last to be filled except a few seats in the full house.

My point of view therefore was literally on an awkward angle but I like that. I also almost literally had my knees between the people who were starting the Q & A. And as I stated before. That had a very slow start. It is normal because things are so fresh and I find myself mostly not able to remove myself enough to ask questions. But this was worse and funny as well. Eggleston was introduced and he's been running around the globe for a bit and mostly has short answers. Like three or four syllables do it for him or I don't know is there a lot as well after he has sort of wrapped his mind about the question several times. Wisdom can be devastatingly brief while verbal. Stoically tight. I had a ball. My neck was in the spotlight and I really didn't feel like being the stupid smartass that I mostly am but I could not help asking one question in the end and I caught a flamy spark in the man's eye. Since I didn't know what to expect going there in the first place but just being excited to sit in on Michael's latest project I had bought two dozen roses to give to him. He had told me that he did not expect Egglesby to show up since he couldn't care less. But since he was the source and had actually showed up I handed them over thanking him.

There was an after party that I was invited to. Egglesby said he'd love to have a little chat and after sitting in the street for a while I went over there. I just needed some air. I was so impressed with the simple emptyness and great life in the film. I textmessaged Michael my shortest but best praise. Felt like a glowing firefly in the dark industrial streets of NY.

So I entered the party and so Egglesby stood there like a birthday cake surrounded by fans and photographers. I shot in there and asked him if he needed a drink maybe. He mentioned some good strong stuff. Since this was a classy gallery deal they only had wine. He did do wine, he said.. No beer either. Not us anyway. I went back out to see if I could get creative somehow. Failed. Got back in and looked at the art and photographs. Didn't see him anywhere but figured that if I were him there would be one door. I found it in 30sec. Walked through it and there they were. Him and two other people. We sat and chatted. Hit verbal vulgarity and gold quickly. Later to be joined by another amazing force HAMPTON FANCHER. This man I had just met yesterday. And we were both astounded by our familiarity. He is an actor as well as a writer and of course what makes it so special is that he wrote a few drafts of BLADE RUNNER before I was even on board of that project. At the same time I followed his wordy footsteps in doing the film and he became good friends with DAVID PEOPLES who was the next screenplaywriter before a writers' strike hit and we were all out of time there. What fun.
HAMPTON ironically enough will play a role in TONIGHT AT NOON and is also a friend of MICHAEL, so there you go. How's that for somewhat of a unique and splendid little reunion and union of force?


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