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Cape Town, September 9, 2004

Dear neglected and abandoned lot. lol. Let me whine some before dining. It will explain why I just couldn't get to do some words here. It is not terribly easy to leave the Dutch homeland. Apart from leaving the fall season which I adore, was the rain really gaining so much access to the inside of our house. This leakage had been going on and on and I had to make some serious arrangement. I have packed my solid and thunderous aluminum travelboxes with hundreds of pounds again. Some dentist maintenance. Quick quick. Because I won't be back for a while. Yes the flu hit while all this was in progress. And the good Mac laptop, apart from running on a very old version, is about to unhinge the screen itself. It needs to be cleaned on the inside because it is just slower than Maple syrup while the power is on. My Dutch Mac genius gets sucked in for about twelve hours after the dealer has played with it another few. I want to try and move over to OS X which can be done after al this. X 10 will give me the possibillity of editing the shorts while I travel. It gives me the creeps because it looks so doubtful to get it done that I buy an new Mac just before travel.

I see peole that I need to see. Inbetween. Cancel many plans or delay them. I visit Deb twice very briefly. After the day I leave I get word that the powercompany wants to cut my power because a few bills are not payed. Meanwhile that has taken a week of emails and 800 phone numbers which don't work and misinformation. Yikes. A man in the family who is 92 is falling apart and hates to die. Another friend's son has been clean for over ten years from cancer and it is likely that it now has returned. What man or woman or parent deserves this and which god is running the show. Damn. Those are a few of my little and big worries.

Once in Cape Town I went through an amazing twirl with the internet connections. This country is young. It does not work so well with these new telephone lines. I moved to a hotel in order to be able to sort things out but even there the lines were troublesome. I had about 29 different men crawling around in a few days. It is fixed now and I moved back into the apartment that the company had me stay in. I have started work and the weather is amazing. So beautiful.

Now I will start to get some air and enjoy the surroundings. The whales are in the middle of giving birth and a motorcycle is in the works.


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