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Cape Town, September 10, 2004

In the next few days I will hopefully connect with one whale or two. And the occasional saddle of the BMW 650 offroad. Like that bike. Had one for a few years.

I also need to see 9 hrs of short films because I joined the board for MIFED and have to review and vote. Next I will update you on 'POSEIDON ADVENTURE', 'St*rfish Tango' and other adventures.

Two things I need to mention. What's strangely disorientating is that when you look south here the sun is mostly behind you. It's a mindset for me to use the sun as a rough compass to remember streets etc. The other thing is that someone told me there was a whole 'SIMPSON' episode about the fact that the water in the toilet bowl while flushing will turn the other way. A VERY DISTURBING IDEA. I checked but the newer toilets don't show evidence of water spinning left or right. I'll try the sink next. Can anyone confirm how the water turns in the northern hemisphere?


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