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Bucharest, September 17, 2003

Details in which I live. From a scene we completed yesterday. Sebastian says goodbye to his ambitious and talented lover. She is nervous and excited because they have succeeded in creating a new Live TV show together. It is planned he will drop into the show later to pretend to be looking for work. They have a tiny bite for breakfast and she plants a kiss on his cheek before running off to be succesful.

He watches her go and videotapes her treds in the garden grass. It is a beautiful day. The older villa on the side of the river seems empty and so does the garden. Suddenly it dawns on him he may never see her again. Just for a moment. And he never will. He just stands there and feels the sunrays in his eyes. That's the end of the scene.

In earlier days, I had seen two crazy cats playing tom & jerry at 5am in the morning. Nothing but joy at that sight. As we had shot the earlier part of this romantic and rich looking garden scene we had lost the sunlight for a rainstorm. So we were back just to finish it up. The young lover Claudia had given him a flower just before leaving. On this last day this flower needed to be in my hand for continuity reasons. There was none to be found and over the past ten days the fall had really shaken up most flowers. As we were grumbling over how to do it and I decided - for the sake of time - to just hold my "flowerarm" behind my back, I thought to just have a quick look in the next garden .There was a big fence. There was one flower. Not quite the same colour. I could not get to it. And I really don't know how to quickly yell: "Is there anybody inthere...!" At the same moment a sweet lady in her late teens steps out the hansel *gretel cottage. So I say can I get the last flowers. This takes some signlanguage but she got it and stepped into the garden and started to grab a bouquet. This is when the cat showed up curling against the fence. This cat could be a fine moviecat if she/he would be in my hands and have a good hairday as well. I asked her in friendly English, which I knew she wouldn't understand if I could borrow the cat. She thought I wanted to take the cat just in the same way as the flowers. I said no. Just a few minutes. She smiled. Bad teeth and sweet. That's the way somewhat here. So we stroll along to a whole and I get the cat. I walk back and put him next to me. We shoot. The cat does the things cats do. Hide, Ignore, Jump out and when the shot was finished I looked around and just behind me was the black cat. Stretched out like a tiny little tiger close to his new friend. That was me. I got lucky. We did. And the cat got fed during lunch and jumped on my lap after knowing it was worth it.


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