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Cape Town, September 19, 2004

Well, we had some long and frisky days full of tall standing in water. Colleagues are great. A handful of the dirty dozen or so characters are getting their feet wet and some colour. It's a lovely process. Can't escape from this haunting escape story. "THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE" in the remaking. I feel that biggest challenge is/will be to keep the feeling that anything can happen here but it will take 3+ hours. A believable shift in urgency/emergency. No time for much acting "meat", just like in 'Hostile Waters'.

I might organize a screening of that film because it might give some insight in the kind of hell and hair-raising pace/speed that is needed.

Going out for a ride hoping to meet wandering monkies, wild horses or nursing whales along the coast. A few pounding blue spots and rubbery muscles from the upside drifting poseidon on my limbs. Tough job. Love it. Director is great. Crew very lovable It's paradise upside down. Lol.

I'm getting some flack riding a motorcycle. Now really. Paradise revisited. And off for some H&D. Rummble.


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