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Cape Town, September 20, 2004

When it rained it poured sundaymorning. Buckets. Great sound. But I thought that's not so good for the two wheeled vehicle. After three it started to open up. I took a few bananas in my backpack in case I would find the wild monkeys. Don't think the wild horses would go for it. But maybe they have a different diet here.

I rode along the coast. In the direction of Cape Good Hope, I followed a sign that said 'monkey resort'. There was a hotel. It was quiet. The small terrace looked out over the ocean. A few hundred yards out tons of whales were dancing, jumping, playing and puffing their waterspouts.

The only monkeys were a few people as far as I could see. They were having tea. I didn't offer them the bananas. Simonstown. Kommetje. Noordhoek. Fishhoek. A great little ride for a few hours. Took some pics & vid clips for future snippets in newsletter.


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