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Vlissingen, September 20, 2014

My flight from Prague lands around 4pm, it's a Friday.

The kind management of the Films by the Sea festival had a tiny helicopter sitting in a green meadow close to the airport to make it possible to be at the event on time to pick up an award.

The bird took me there flying over the amazing greens and all the traffic and Ii had 15 minutes to jump into a decent suit and shirt. It was such a pleasure trip.

The tall and friendly pilot who barely fit into his bubble would slip out some information.

I asked him about the radar. He said he had none. I asked him about the hazy visibillity. He said he had to keep his eyes open. No warnings.
I said, Iguess we have to be there before dark. He nodded.

Some of the most amazing waterways started to pass under our feet. He started climbing higher.

I requested if we could stay low, but for safety reasons he said no and explained that if there would be engine failure he would need more space to do an emergency landing. Too close to the water would not give him enough time to 'sail' down on the bird's props. I didn't know that.

These are magnificent waters.
We landed on the beach in front of the festival.
How nice. And lucky can you get?


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