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Day out of Days

Cape Town, September 23, 2004

The days are starting to fill up nicely with water. Not that it rains that much. Although it does today and when it does it is indeed a wild man's treat. No it is more that in the POSEIDON ADVENTURE the ship just is progressing deeper and deeper. Closer and closer to sealevel and beyond. And you can sing this with: "So are all of us. And so are all of us".

We are all reasonably rubbered up but the days start just after 6 am and enough can be enough. All the different actors bring their personality to the table and they all continue sketching and outlining. It is a gentle and furious battle during each scene to find out where it will end up going. I mean what little treasure we find and who finds it. I lust for this more than vampire blood. It is a tremendously delicate dance and especially here it has many unforeseen elements as well as some physical strain. I have to mention our youngest actor who is twelve as well as a very disciplined fine craftsman. He does love and hate the bishop.

This is my part and I take great pleasure in housing this character in the shell of a so called man of god although I feel he is driven by an intense sense of despair because god has not spoken to him in a while and neither has he practiced much speaking to his master. His crumbled dedication has probably placed him on the oceanliner on its way to Sydney. And the church might have placed him in a far away hole studying aboriginal 'science' in order to have him be lost for the church for a long period. The fact that he walks closer to man, woman and flesh is a sweet way to reveal the sins he commits. At the same time he ends up acting from within the bsshop's shell and uses the habits he has been taught and without actually believing he ends up as a saving grace .I did have to practice a prayer and felt like just doing it silently at first but when looking at it again I found a way for the human to say the right words. And although the scene has great variety it ended up being a spiritual scene. So I felt happy.


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