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Cape Town, September 26, 2004

(part 1)

Hermanus is a small coastal town with a harbour and a bay. The weather is indeed four seasons in a day sometimes, so things can change. It is so cold and windy just now. They celebrate the whales coming there to give birth. This fest was opened yesterday with people standing along the outer cliffs doing a wave .Not sure if I will mingle. It's a 90 min ride. Might be as cold as it is unwise.

Let me just spill a few things on St*rfish. The dedication that it takes is so intense it is almost like a prayer. It is a lengthy and troubled venue. I did nt expect it to be a dreamcruise. If not for other people's help and some great people in Milan I would be helpless trying. The result is still that it helps. A few months ago I have decided to alter course and technique a little bit since our access to helping hands and suffering people in TCI is hard over such distances. Right now I am in the absolute center where AIDS just does not stop. I'm playing with ideas. Nothing solid yet. One idea is to shoot a short playful film with streetkids and created/directed by one of them. Aids/homeless people/junkies & orphanages. I'm sure you can see the connection. I looked in the yellow pages here under "orphanage". I have to start somewhere. I think there are 4 million people in Cape Town. If 25% is infected, which is just a rough guess, there must be a serious amount in trouble. Among which many children. It took my breath away not to find any orphanages listed. So I will use other ways. The other plan in the making is to see if I can get the HD club and the local Hells Angels together for a small organized event. Maybe they sell 5 min. rides for a donation to St*rfish. One chance in a lifetime. The phone nr for the key angel I got was not working. So I find other ways. There are some other thoughts in my brain boiling. Will keep you posted.

On a closer to home front DD is losing weight and her clothes won't fit her wheelchaired frame. Her skin now hangs around her limbs and the sweet puppy that she always wanted to have and which she got as she left her home after her sweet mother suddenly passed away.This puppy ate a tennisball, and she had to wheel it across the village in wind, weather and through all the obstacles on her way. The puppy was bleeding and the vet gave up after it's heart stopped. Not DD. She whacked the puppy's chest like her mother used to do when she went through this herself. And the puppy is now back home with her in her simple new apartment. She has been given a buddy who looks after her emergency needs. If life is so rough and painful you'd be surprised how many people suddenly stay away because THEY can't deal with it. Is there anything more cruel and deadly. DD knows. She is a bright bird. And she does not give up. St*rfish helps to feed and cloth her, literally, that is if she can get her butt over to buy some new. If you want to send her something fast we can probably find a way to get it to her. My god. Meanwhile she still tries to shoot some footage for me. Because I hope to get a portrait of her life together after she will pass away. She is in my heart like a candle and a torch. There is nothing worse for a mother than to lose a child. But for her loosing her mother and her closest friend. I am personally convinced that there are no lessons and that noone gets what they deserve. Devine justice. Did it ever happen. Who would ever deserve this?
Anyway. Your help goes there directly.
That is part to the small St*rfish thing. For the rest I have decided to just be hands-on and search for possibillities to help where I find them.

Tonight I have a screening of the HITCHER. A cute sentimental journey since C. Thomas Howell is here as well.


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