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Cape Town, September 26, 2004

(part 2)

I did connect with an orphanage 2day. But the timing was off. 150 children there. But from a small conversation I learned a lot. I surfed around on this topic and the Aids organisations. Did some homework. Numbers are scary and conservative as always because they count the people who show up. Multiply between 5 or 10 times and you may get a more realistic idea. Please do whenever you read them.

Anyway, children had to rest. I'll go back soon and just know we will do something.

To get anything to DD we will find a way to do it. I'm sure she'll be delighted. My feeling is that it's better that it to go through St*rfish. But will keep you updated.

Had a nice screening of THE HITCHER and THE ROOM and the doc that is on the german special dvd. Some nice talk with the people of the videolab who gave me the place for free. Future developments measured etc. Had a little vodka and little beluga after this. Very nice evening.


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