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2007 Rutger Huaer FilmFactory Masterclass

Rotterdam, February 1, 2007

Today is one of those moments. One of those best days of one's life. The workshop is a major succes and I could not even dream about the extra things we discovered.

I am beyond myself enjoying every heartbeat while having an out-of-body experience all at the same time. The 30 filmmakers will be in the limelight tonight. In a full house. More than the 750seats will be filled. They will have a one and only "premiere" of the short film they made in the 4 days.

They developed the screenplay, got organized, shot and edited et voila. For a filmmaker nothing really means anything until they drop their baby into the viewer's eyes. What a night this will be. What a tiny and massive night. They will never forget it. And all I did was put my finger on that secret black spot. Instinct. It is and was just an exercise. Hell. It hit them hard. And it hit home. For me it is my dressrehearsal for the next workshop.

The organisation has learned where we need to adjust our "program" and we will be more than ready next year as we will edit the 25 or so our of video footage of the making of: "The making of". Funny that. There is a calling card inthere which will enable us to ask our international colleagues to join us yearly as they can watch what we did. Filmmakers speaking through the camera lens communicating with each other. De-fucking-licious excusez le mot.

Of course I would have to do a speech.

If there is so much to tell what should one actually say. Actually, that problem is solved. One of the reasons I left the theater and choose for film in the early days was that after an hour of talk on stage I would occasionally lose my voice. This is not so good. Guess what? These eight days have been a verbal waterfall. And indeed, I have lost my voice. I will be watching a lot tonight. I wonder if I should have a sign on my chest next to the AIDS ribbon. 'Have lost my voice. If you find it please bring it home'.....


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