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California, February 3, 2000

On Friday night we finish shooting at midnight. There is full moon in the sky after an eclipse. I fall into bed at 1 a.m. saturday.

The shoot of “Lying in Wait” is progressing nicely with lightning speed and laughter.

At 6 a.m. I manage to struggle out of bed because I will go visit Park City, Utah. The Sundance Film Festival. I leave the house with a suit, a coat for colder temperatures and a toothbrush. Light travelling is great fun for a change.

I fly to Salt Lake City first. Three hours or so later I drive into Park City in the falling snow arriving just in time to present “SIMON MAGUS” to its audience. Utah is so beautiful. As I call home from the parking lot before I go into the theater, a snowball hits the passenger window. My producer greets me. I have little doubt that the screening won’t go down well. After welcoming the audience I did a few bits of P.R. and keep my fingers crossed for the film hoping a nice distribution company will pick it up to show it to the rest of the world. It deserves it.

In the evening I met an interesting bunch of people at a party. All to do with short films. Something I adore and hope to spend more time on. I also met some people I feel close to, who are involved in teaching. I’m developing an idea for a website where filmmakers train and practice.

Sunday I travelled back with delays and stops and hail and rain in the air. Got home by 11. A cold starts to rear its head. A very unusual birthday. But glad I went.

Monday is an off day. I bring my occasional suit to the cleaners because I got stuck to chewing gum. The sticky chew glued my coat, jacket and pants literally to the airplane’s seat.

Thought about two websites which I hope to launch later this year. Did laundry. Called people. Had lunch with a friend. Dinner with another. Catching up with mankind. Read the Guestbook.

My next day off is only a week later. But it feels like a year. Most of the time I’ve been living out of my comfortable motorhome. I’d be up first and the last switching off the lights. Close to the set. Parked on the street. The last eight days we are shooting nights outside. Which means getting up at 4 p.m. and go to bed at 5 a.m. ‘Tis an unusual biz.

The shooting of “Nature Trails” alias “Lying in Wait” has come to an end. I convince the producer & director to shoot an alternative ending which I co-wrote and which makes more sense. I had a blast of genius doing this part. Hope it will turn out as I think it will. There is a distribution deal in place. So this one will see the light somewhat sooner. I hope.



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