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California, April 2, 2000

Dear Websters,

About five hundred of you came to my first chat session with a thousand and one questions. It was great. The keyboard felt like a piece of lead material. I felt sorry I could only answer 40 of them. After the transcript comes out I intend to get all the other questions and answer them in the "BYTES" section.

The newsletter is long overdue. I'll start it in bits NOW & will return a couple of times in the next few weeks to finish some of them.

At the moment there is not a lot going on. I have given myself a nice relaxing break. I have been practising bits of golf for a long time in the most beautiful places around the world. I have little time to practise so I'm a pretty lousy player. My handicap sucks. I love it though.

At the same time I have been going to the dentist, because that sort of thing always gets screwed up because of the travelling life I lead. Acting without teeth or hair isn't the same I'm told and I believe them. Other obligations are taken care of. Working out is part of the drill every day. I even got myself a trailer built with a gym inside and it travels with me where I go to work. It's part of the boring changes of nature that happen to our bones & skin. Forever young is just a song.

For those of you who followed the "possible" events in Seattle. It was something I intended to do with vigor, but it went south because I felt it wasn't properly handled. There will be another time. Another place. The PROBLEM with the Internet connections is that you have no idea who you are dealing with, so a lot needs to be decided on a gut level. I had not promised or agreed to go yet. I had agreed to the idea. Then it fell apart. Sorry for some of you who suffered.

Now I have to leave. Do some "looping" for two of my films which are nearly ready for release. More&Later.


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