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Home, June 6, 2000

Dear cyberspace yingyang,

Since I/we started this site we now start to arrive at a crucial and interesting phase. As we count the hits we also count the blessings because what we had in mind seems to translate. As far as I'm concerned, now it gets interesting. More complex and more expansive/expensive.

We are approaching the three dimensional plateau. Where things start to pop, splash,move&bubble. Our brains are sorting out where to go continuously. I'm investigating a visual chatroom, where we can look eachother in the eye.

The visual possibilities seem to be limited still.

Condition has been and will always be that the info is easy to access. I don't want enormous download times.

The short film “The Room” which I'm making right now is definitely intended to play on this site. Together with the screenplay and behind-the-scenes footage. It was/is my reason for making it. Among others.

That should kill a couple of birds.

Not all is guns and roses. I will not stay away from certain ugly oddities either. We've experienced some.

The FANCLUB is being scrutinized.

I'm thinking about a cyberspace waterhole called the F-STOPCAFE, where filmmakers can yak away.

An interactive POETCHATBOX where yee&thee who consider themselves to be that way can write together, with printed proof to follow.

I'm thinking of VIDEOFOOLS in the BYTES SECTION where 3 minutes of unusual & suspect D-igital V-oids D-ance. Space 4 rent to show-off the wonders of DIGITAL VISION and THE POV's of its makers. Most wonders within reason. I'll keep you posted.

A little workomania still in the wings.

Furthermore I'm talking to the monster of Lochness, who lives incognito, to pay us/you a visit. It's pretty wild if you can believe it.

Till now, FOLKS, and then,



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