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Home, June 20, 2000

Dear Fans&Friends,

After we wrapped up - it was 23.30 hrs - we decided pretty much to go home and have a celebration in the near future. When the film is finished. 4 Goodbyes & 4 Fun. Everyone seemed happy about the work. And hopeful for the outcome. Erik and I were glowing in the dark.

The following day develops as one of those one-of-a-kind days. What. First of all I need to tell you I brought my tractor/trailer combination with me on this shoot. It was built by me for exactly that purpose and has served me well for twenty years.

A day before the shoot even began I had picked up my directing partner,Erik Lieshout, who was excited about this "special" ride. We had about an hour's drive and were early and doing great. We had an appointment to see some tests and then check out the set. Not before very long, we heard this really loud bang and I knew I had blown a tire.

Changing this kind of rubber is a serious undertaking and a craft as well but the cellphone gets us the help on the way. We wait. In the back of the trailer I have a tailgate and behind that a small garage which holds a "mini".
As the process of changing the tire starts to eat up too much time I take it down and tell Erik to go ahead. He can still make it on time. I'd meet him later.
Anyway. The tire gets fixed not much later either and I'm on the road again. And on my own again. Of course this is not the end of the world.
It's just foreplay.

The next day, on my way to the set, I get another flat tire, this time with the mini. The size of its tire is impossible to fix in a few days. Thank God. I still have my BMW650 on the truck. And that's my transport for the week. Rain or shine.

For the duration of the shoot I parked the truck's almost sixty feet in one of the narrow streets. One early sundaymorning. Room enough as I back it in. I have some suspicion that it is going to be a job to remove the thing without damaging any cars. And that is exactly what I've just been doing. Although it's sunday again and still early, lots of little cars there now. The parking permit has expired, that's why.

After about 40 minutes & blood, sweat & some serious cursing, I'm out of there. About an hour later there it is again, that funny "KABOOM". Another tire shrivels into history.

This time "help" takes longer to find me and longer to get the job done. After three hours I'm back in the saddle.
The distance to my place here is about 150 miles all in all. I'm 5 hours on the road and not even half way. If I don't hit too much traffic I could be there in 2 more hours. After another hour's drive. You know what?

BAM! I get my fourth flat tire.

This one gets fixed. Of course. And I do get home by the end of the day. But I'm telling. It was a bit of a rubbery week.



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