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Home, July 24, 2000

Dear Fanziez & Follies. Maxs & Moritzs. Abels & Caenz,

It's been some time. Whassup overhere? Well. At first I spent some time on the patch of grass that I own in Holland. A couple of new inhabitants have made their new homes here this spring. Two white churchowls are sitting expectingly on their eggs, in their basket. High up in a barn. They were about to become extinct a few years ago but are doing a lot better now. In six weeks time we will "ring" their young ones but for now they are to be left on their own. Them'z shy birds, and nocturnal too. NEXT.

Two storks have done the same nextdoor but are very happy to join our soil for worms and such during happy hour.

In the last seven years I haven't been home this long. I'm enjoying the summer, the incredible beautiful countryside here and even the rain which is visiting these parts frequently. The garden is a force in which I come to rest.

NEXT. I spent a couple of days in Milano and Paris. Milano was mainly maintenance of the website and some meetings concerning future changes. Paris was maintenance for the teeth. But we also got to see two concerts there. One in a small and old church called "Église de Julien le Pauvre". Classical music on a piano mostly woven around a wonderful counter-tenor voice. It's beauty - clear and simple. The next day we improvised a picnic at the castlegrounds at Château CHANTILLY and in the evening at the Church de Madeleine, we heard the REQUIEM by Mozart. A massive church it was, with a solid choir. One of the very memorable events. NEXT.

<>We (co-director Erik Lieshout included) have a rough cut of "THE ROOM" and believe firmly it is very good. Now the music and effects come into play. We hope to show it at the Dutch Film Festival, ahead of Lars von Trier's new film. We are also negotiating and thinking about more of the same for the future.

As I walk my dog, me on the bicycle, the dog on and off , the dog sometimes almost runs into the spokes of the front wheel. She never did this before. I realise her hearing is losing detail. She's 13. Still running at good speed. I see a deer grazing peacefully amongst a bunch of Frisian horses. It jumps as it sees us. In the small river I see a babysnake taking a swim. As I bicycle on I keep hearing this noise in one ear. What's going on? Then I realise it's the noise from the wind in these hormonal wild things. Now, is that manly or just gross?

In the meantime we (other half included) managed to put new wallpaper in one of the rooms here and I lifted something really heavy in a really clumsy way. So today I walk a bit like a hunchback. Pulled a muscle. In the shoulder. Much pain. Little sleep. Stupid.

Whatelse is new? I forgot to tell you I rented a boat for a week. I like sailing most but anything that moves or floats has my attention. We were going to do simple & silly daytrips. It rained Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday etc so that we'll have to try again some sunny day.

MORE. Yesterday I hopped over to London to see a director for a big studiomovie. A scratch & sniff meeting, as I call them. Hardly anybody says what they're really thinking and the art of conversation is reluctantly explored. I'm really not good at it. I ask 'em about the story. They tell. It sounds flat. They say they will send me a script as soon as they have one. It's multimillions on screen and no story. We'll see & wait. In my experience there are billions of dollars available for pieces of shit. As soon as the material distinguishes itself by something interesting, financing becomes a problem. OYOYOIIOY. They will not send me a script.

And while we're on this subject. "IGNITION" was going to be an actionflick directed by a nice director who I'd worked with before. And whom I really liked. Not a terribly interesting role. But the negotiations came to a halt because of dollardifferences. Simple. They did HAVE the dough or they didn't WANT to pay me. I have to maintain a certain value. Bizz. End of story.

This morning I bumped into someone. It was coincidence. Certainly not on purpose. At a roundabout. They were sitting in a car just ahead of me. I'm not sorry to admit I've been driving RR for twenty years. Nice people. Man and wife, in their sixties. Grey. As they pulled up to enter the roundabout I followed and stole one more glance checking for traffic. That's when I bumped into them. Gently but rough enough to shorten the overall length of their vehicle. They were shaken. So was I. He had pulled up and then changed his mind. No hard feelings. Stupid nr. 2 though. Brought my own vehicle to the shop for new headlights and as you can judge by yourselves life is still full of miracles, accidents and lively hoods.

I'll put this up for reading now and thanks for your ideas & words,however expressed. It's read and appreciated. By me. Bye!


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