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Home, September 5, 2000

Dear Siteturfs,

As I slowly wake up to the day by biking through the forest - with dog in tow...

I get such ecstatic feelings sometimes. Nature drives me crazy. The leaves are getting heavy. The weather temperamental. The forestfloor is being dressed for fall.

There is a smell of moss and mushrooms in the air. Blackberry bushes filled with morning mist. The familiar cry of the buzzard family somewhere overhead. A deer now and then.

The storks have split up.The grownups stayed but their babies have left.The owl "puppies" have grown into fat beautiful hissing monsters and the attic is filled with their hissing and spitballs.There's five of them now. They too are on the brink of taking off.

say fare-thee-well to this neighborhood too. I'm packing my bags. But what a ball I had this summer.

First I finished "The Room" and it turned out quite different from the storyboard. We are both proud of it. I consider it a true little diamond in a polluted sky. It will open on the 26th this month in UTRECHT at the Film Festival. But I won't be able to attend. For some of you, who happen to be in The Netherlands, SIMON MAGUS will be opening during the same festival as well.
I took time to relax and meander. Bought a small wooden boat and wandered the waterways.

Now it's being sold again. I had plums and peaches from the garden for the first time since I bought the property 15 years ago.

Then I flew to Monaco and the South of France to shoot the Kylie Minogue video of which I wasn’t too sure if it would have been any good. It seemed a possible fun thing to do. It seemed to be about $ & sex. JC. Aren’t there more notes to that song? Had some time off and drove around the coast in a smart rented cabriolet and checked out a number of boatpacked harbours on the coast. The lack of space bothered me. Too many boats, cars, buildings, people. I want wind, oceans of air, acreage that has been deserted. OK.

Just now I have arrived in New York after a horrific flight from Amsterdam. Tomorrow I'll go on to Miami.

Miami Video Clip

And I'll come back another time this month.4 sure. Maybe do a chat, if possible.

Lastly, let me say that I enjoy this website and I mean to stay on top. Although it has grown into something of its own we are still very much developing. By the end of October we plan to make a restart then. As I watch it grow I keep you in mind. Let's keep it up.


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