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Vancouver, July 18 and 19, 2003

Yes. It's been a while. I have been just crowded with the things that I need to do. I intend to give you more on 'SALEM's LOT' when it gets closer to it's airingtime in 2004. No idea when that is. Right now I'm in full blast here on my 'SMALLVILLE' villain. I'll tell more about that later too. Meanwhile the workings on the site's changing venues continue. I know the GB is not as crazy as it used to be but I really think it's better that way. The Messageboard has been flawed because of its design. We are trying to find a version which keeps the thread intact as it was written. So it does not lose that sense and connection.

And as far as crazier things go, I'm sure they will find other ways. I'm happy I'm finally getting some poems back to you. I started with Bukowsky because I love that poem. But I have read quite a few which were written by some of you. I'm finally also getting close to the visual inputs. Mpeg clips that you can open. At the moment I'm even working on auditioning for a part in a film that I think could be just so beautiful. Since I am in another part of the world I am trying - through mpeg recordings - to help the director to make up his mind. Since this character is of Irish descent I've had to work on that the last evening I was in LA. Dialogue coach says I can do it fine. It's fun and scary at the same time. Because it's more about the right balance in the accent than anything else. Today I'm off and will make the final mpeg "take" on this. And then see what they say. It would go in November. I did get another offer to work on a film in September and asked them if they were willing to postpone their dates somewhat so the fundraiser for St*rfish in Castellarquato would be ok. They did. Not sure if I will do it or not. A few issues still pending there.

Just succeeded in renting a printer which helps the fax abillities. Car is waiting for me in P lot. Had little breakfast. I did find a very nice store to get more healthy things .Vancouver is into health & sports. But the hotelfood is just not that great. The hotel is getting older as well. Just too many people having gone through these rooms. I can harly believe I'm still on the road. Called my wife who misses me horribly. It's also a heatwave overthere which just does not move away. Past 100 F for a week. And Italy is even worse. Webmaster's brain is kept on ice to prevent it from being grilled.

My little sixteen yr old JR dog has a hard time with this heat as well. Getting very handicapped in her movements, deaf and disoriented among other things. Just hope my wife won't have to make any tough decisions before I get there. Ouch. The world will be different without that baby. O dear.

Anyway, I'll tell you a little about 'SMALLVILLE'. I have seen about 9 different episodes before getting to work myself. It has many good qualities going for it and it's been done in smart ways. On my first day I had to dive in rapidly for a rather big scene. I felt it was quite a bit overwritten which tends to kill the strength if nothing else. In TV series/works the written words as scripted tend to be kept to rather strict. For good reasons. Altering can run into more cans of beans to handle. Plus the fact that it is a different craft in itself. After meeting the star of the series, Tom Welling, I felt a bit better. He felt the same way and was very polite in addressing this because this can be painful for some actors as it is the only thing they have. I was introduced to the director and understood very quickly how things were done here. They were done on the side and very, very quickly. I had not quite learned my lines as I hate to have to re-learn them if changed at the last minute which we had just done. It gets really tricky. Hardly any rehearsal. Do it.Do it. Ofcourse,we did. But what a different approach. We trimmed the three pages back to about two. Which seemed appropriate. But changes had to be phoned in and approved. Basically, all of this comes down to little time to be creative and truthful. Tough. The director is a great man. Quick and together. Good sense of humour. A great guide. Since I had to wait for hrs again I was quite anxious and nervous before getting into it. And then working so rapidly. Ouch. Learning the steps of this trade and just having to admit it is not the best for my skills although not bad to know that it indeed isn't. Each to his own. Always good to re-establish where you don't belong. I'll have to work hard to make this work. And will of course. I also realize part of the difficulties on 'SALEM'S LOT'. It being the same animal. Format etc.

Monday I'll have another scene with Tom and the same director. Then a new director will show up for the next episode. It's an eyecandy factory. They work nine months a year. One of the best things about the profession is that you get to work with some really great colleagues. So here I am. Doing my scene with Tom, who I have just met and who is something twenty and was basically discovered two years ago. No previous training. And as we go I find one of the most generous and gentle guys to work with. Relaxed, together, upbeat, intelligent and on the cellphone one moment and focused for a 100% the next. Having a good time with it and me.

Liking it that he can be a bit silly as the character. Just lovely. God bless him. Truly an actor you'd wish for to work with if you could. A very special treat. And at least as nice as you would think when you watch him going through some of the insanity of the series. He hopes to get into films after being released from the series. Pffft. Three more years to go. I reassured him he had it all going for him. No doubt about it. So Tom. I hold you in the highest regards. You are a haloblizzard, or I'll be damned.


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