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Vancouver, August 1, 2003

"Jungle Juice" as well as "In the Shadow of the Cobra" may almost definitely never see the light. I mean none. Just being on the shelf in a dark temperaturized vault. The whereabouts of my JJ movie adventures are unknown to me. Rumours had it the company went broke.

Geez, I almost sound like a pulpjournalist .Let me enjoy the style. Other rumours had it that the footage would hardly cut together. This is likely. I remember thinking many times during the shoot. Not enough coverage here. This will never cut. Or am I missing something. The story was hilarious and lightweight anyway. Comedy beserko. That's what I was supposed to be. I may have told you I played a sweet but lonely fag on a paradise island who misses some grown up old fashioned macho approach between hundreds of meatless twelve year old wise ass drunk willies and nipples. Who then meets a retired cop who wants his daughter out, played by Chris Walken. Bingo, well not really. Down the drain is more like it.

Had such good laughs with Mr Walken, dear Christopher. As you know his sense of humour is real specific. We melted quite well there. Defuckinglighfull.

"Shadow of the Cobra......" may be in India still. There were some unpaid bills. That was on the Indian side. Struggles were said to have erupted and mysterious hands made the footage change hands.... 9/11 happened just after that. I speak to its US producer now and then. He sighs a lot when this issue pops up .Oioi.


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