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Baltimore, July 14, 2005

Things have been measuring up lately after having bombed in different places, excusez moi le mot.

'ZERO HOUR' was forced into a rethink mode because of financing problems and rewrites as well. It may not be dead but will survive later, maybe.

Meanwhile 'MENTOR' became very real and I am in Baltimore now preparing with first time director David Langwitz and the writer of the screenplay. That is also why I was spotted in Delaware, the state next to Maryland, as I was there for a day doing a workshop with students in a screenwriting summerclass at the oldest university of the US near Philadelphia. Which was fun since I brought my camera and asked them to get on their feet after we had thrown together some lines and then got a taste of what it is like to be an actor. All rapidly improvised fun with someone doing camera who, as I watched the material, turned out to have an absolute natural talent for it. The writer slash actors warmed up to the idea quickly and again I found one of them to be an excellent combination because he acted and rewrote his stuff improvising on its small theme and it was very clear that there was a writed inside him as well as a nice and interesting actor. The class had about 15 people or so. Going into this I had their professor lead me and my target was twofold. Inspire them as well as tie them to the (written) meat and show them how it is done. Lol. They asked me to do it at one point. I couldn't resist. The task was simply to handle a scene with non descriptive lines but get an emotion of warmth and closeness across between two people. What's funny is that I was the worst of them. Honest, too much in watching what was going on. But what a nice and fresh adventure suddenly. So out of the blue. Only because the professor happened to be the mentor of the screenplaywriter on 'MENTOR' in Baltimore.

Furthermore there is an other very interesting piece of film in New York which would shoot almost immediately after I finish here. Which is scary, but the screenplay is beautiful and the director very interesting. All of these are a luxury of doing. Done for the sake of investing in craft and love. I have not read screenplays as the above mentioned projects in years. They are tasty. Will see if I can mount both.

To continue with 'MENTOR'. The sets are now finalized as well as details of the script and the other two actors are almost set. One is Matt Davis whom I met yesterday. A very good man and interesting colleague as well. The actress is still pending but I like who they have made the offer to. If all goes well we'll be having our first day reading tomorrow.



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