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In transit, November 9, 2005

Dear All,

I have been in transit for a good week. Had a good pow-wow in NY with publishing people and co-writer of the biography in the making.

Also met with a shoe promoter who intends to do something really generous to fund STARFISH.

Then I was off to London and did a shoot for a possible 'STARFISH' calendar. Boy have we been trying to get that done for some time! Think we got something interesting as well as beautiful. Will wait for pictures. And will report if any of this bears or bares ?? fruit

.My serious efforts for funding the charity besides all the regular acting works have kept me away form the Guestbook a lot.

I am now in the more final stages to get rolling mpeg reports instead of writing. Something I look forward to. The first attempt to make that actually will be for the launch of 'STARFISH TANGO' (the Anthology) and after that I will do more inhere.

Then I flew to Madrid where I am now going through the usual fast motions of settling in. Hotel is the most beautiful and brand new place with very kind and willing service and very very small rooms. I'm working on internetconnetions/transport /gymfacillities and the script.

I will tell more about 'GOAL II' when I am here a few days longer.

A little more patience...


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