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Los Angeles, December 5, 2015

We had a warm preview yesterday evening in the Landmark Westside Pavilion. It was nice to finally meet Juliet Stevenson who plays Mother Theresa. Max von Sydow and myself were the first performers working on this 6 yeasr ago. We became the voices guiding the story of Theresa's life. The film went over well. I was asked to join the Q & A but did not feel comfortable enough as I flap my mouth too much in my excitement.

In my last update I forgot to mention one Italian film I worked on in Turin, "The Broken Key". Will tell more once it starts having a face. They are still shooting.

Both of the above films have me supporting them in modest roles. They are harder to do as an actor as there is little tome to sniff out what is required and how to fit. It is a cool part of my craft to make them "shine" enough where possible.

For refugees in Holland we have a small project to be done. My wife intends to have them paint. Bureaucracy seems in the way a lot. Will see if it works. These possible self-portaits we hope to auction off in the new year.

The other big small news is that I co-wrote a screenplay over the last 8 months which I think is good. I have not done this before. If we find distribution and funding for this I will tell more about that baby.

Ciao a Tutti x


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