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London, May 4, 2006

Himself here just now. I've got 10min before online time expires.

Many things got done in South Africa. Just so inspired there. Trying to develop a feature film script together with a South-African writer as well as a producer about a story during the beginning of the VOC.

Of course I shot my part in 'SPOON' which will now restart their shooting of the rest of the film. Very funky and interesting and hopefully fruitful. I wish them the best.

At the same time I finally finished editing the 'STARFISH TANGO' short which is a relief. It's another little big film. And really my first ever as a director just by myself with a handful of good people and euros and a head of ideas.

Furthermore I am now literally negotiating between parties about 2 projects of feature length to direct.

I am also clearing the future of commitments that would get in the way. Very exciting times.

Will report some more when I have more.

One of the other things is the release of 'MENTOR' for which I had very positive hopes and all of those just - let's just say - went a bit south not to be rude or too truthful. The truth I can't tell. Too fresh and rather unpeachy.



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