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New York, May 18, 2006

It's been quite a while now. I know. In the next few weeks I will try and catch up. Will bring you up to date.

For now I must tell you that New York is great.

I just got here to do some intense writing on the autobiography. I also had a nice inspired meeting with my future publisher to talk about possibly adding a DVD of interesting footage. A documentary on the last 2 years of life as it is for a man like me. Very well made.

There is also a funny 'rooftop' interview that I did in Stockholm which might good. And of course the finally finished little first movie 'ST*RFISH TANGO' should be in there. We will see. I pitched the idea which is unusual for them because of cost but this won't be that bad and make it unique, very special, funny and somehow funkier. Will report if they decide to take it on board.

Very exciting days.

Writing is coming along nicely indeed as well.


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