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Los Angeles, April 28, 2007

Dear All, :-)teeth (excellent)
In case you were wondering what else comes with age other than wisdom (should be so lucky) well I'd just have to mention a bit of wise cracking in the bones. For most people this is a little bonus that is quietly enjoyed. And I am not moaning about it. But for a persona in the public eyeball it s better not to have this show in a smile which is dampened by porcelain pottery that looks like a sorry attempt.

Yes. Always knew the nerves hidden behind our chewing tools were sensitive. But always more than you thought.

How about a massage. I mean, same sort of thing. You think you are ok untill they just hit the spots. A nervewrecking delight.

Anyway, I have been lazy. Never take time for that.What fun.

Had a nice face to face with a writer/director who wrote a bergmanesque (Ingmar) script. We did hit it off nicely.With a coffee in the last sunrays. He wants to make art. God bless him.
The role in his script I liked was a female. Tough. For the life of me i can't do that. Very few bearlike females who walk like saiiors, have hands like shovels and my bra-size so to speak. That would be a stretch. He said a lot of the script came from dreams. Could help to ask him if he had not dreamt this great "angel of death" character in the "wROng" sex. Hey, itried. Does change the thing he has lived with for three years a bit. Brokeback Mountain somewhat. But not really. Still just about love and death. I love it. Don't think he did. Lol. Too much to ask, I know. Anyway.

Just wanted to wave to you and say hello all well again. Prepping more for book tour. Very sorry my wife won't join me as soon as I hoped for. We have an old man in the family hanging on to life by a feathery threat. She can't leave.

Like to tell you that I love all you tell me in the Guestbook. I mean that. Not just about movies or books. It means very much to me. I welcome it all. If you manage not to repeat yourself too much or dwell on the chattering side of the road (lol) it's all good.

I do have a warm heart for the Russians who show up sometimes.

But emailing you I just can't do because of time. Nothing personal and no offense. Niet.

I must say I enjoy the site and going over it i rediscover my life.

It is a damn virtual museum already.

I am hoping that I can turn some of that into lifes "clips" as and add on thing to the day to day news.

And the chatroom is still much in my mind. Maybe every full moon when people are somewhat nuts anyway and can't be held reponsible. Ciao.



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