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Los Angeles, December 7, 2015

While 'The Letters' are now in the theaters, I must tell you one small but sweet thing.

In Milan, in the year I had some films showing in our film festival there were AIDS/HIV short films and also films about Tibet's struggle with China's ruling hands and I had Richard Gere in the jury.

At the opening that year, two Tibetan monks showed up a few minutes before my opening speech to give me a white scarf, telling me that the Dalai Lama wanted me to have this as a token of his respect. He could not be there as he was in the hospital. With stomach trouble.

I was shocked, overwhelmed with joy, and very surprised. I asked them if we could have a quick coffee. Or tea. They could. We did. In the three minutes we had I asked them for their opinion on the new renaissance, the mememe-tendencies of the modern times. One answered slowly:"If there IS a me.." The other:"It might be! I expressed my complete joy and wished the Dalai Lama and them well and we said goodbye.

In the film that was the theme and it transcends beyond religion. The prayer of Francis di Assissi read by Juliet Stevenson is absolutely amazing:


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