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Halifax (Canada), April 15, 2010

Halifax was sweet first time around and it is still cool now.Cooler than I had packed for. No worries. I'm killing myself vitaminely. People on Hobo With a Shotgun (I know some people jump up on the title) are awesome as this is a first feature for a sensitive first time director. Budget just as skinny as the food and money to feed them. It is love. I love them for it and it is a sort of a weird and curly money which does not try to please anyone. Not the pope and little hope for paedophiles.

Thanks all for the hands up on the 2 small long distance orphans. And thanks again you darling 24bike marathoners in the springness of Dutch grass.

Rutger with Wim Sikma

And thank you Sarah again. Such dedication and sweat. And spirit. Hope that one leg won't go south too much. But I'll ups the other if it's too stubborn.

Yes, Uhm, funny how even snakes have a religious heart. It does take you by suprise, does it not. I sure hope so. And the PR on how to handle the tabasco sauce? My god. Lol

What happened to homosexual catholics? And do we need surgery now to separate the two. Or just change the hats. Or crotch. Funny ugly shit and I'm wondering who has such a cold that they don't smell a few rats?

Or is the joke that the nasty cake throwing rental clown is related popely. Benedictus: "I habe es nicht auch gewusst!" And when for Chist's sake will we maybe? And are we not all family? Scuze me.

I never knew enough religiously. So I'll shut up on that one as I might be missing something madly devine.

I was just going to say.
Clowns. Yes. The funny kind of even the cakethrowing kind. Teachers. Priests. Poolguards.

What's with kids these days?
And who cares?


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