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Los Angeles (USA), January 23, 2013

Dear all,

I will be taking another lesson on skippering a motoryacht on my birthday.

Working nice and hard on 'True Blood' with a funny, fairy man character.

I did go over to Sundance on Saturday, Jan 19th for the premiere of "Il Futuro" which I had not seen.

Up at 5 am and fly then drive then photographs and like a headless chicken as best as I could. Then the premiere. Then a dinner. And finally just collapsed on a great bed at 11pm and could not go to Jason Eisener's (Director from 'Hobo With a Shotgun') new film. I just decided to be more wise and less nice.

'Il Futuro' is intensely beautiful. I was very happy and proud to be in it. Most of it is in Italian and will of course make distribution not so easy. Subtitles in English. But a very strong piece of word that has many things to say in subtle frames.

The director is very much a true filmmaker. She stayed very close to Roberto Bolaño's novel in tone and style.

A truly moving and complex story told with tons of feminine sense. Such a pleasure to see it go down. And such a smart package around two young orphaned teens. Such tristesse. And not one second of sentimental drab.

Manuela, the lead actress, so strong, so true in her broken heart. So painfully slow in opening up as the character. Photography and edit. Marvellous. Sigh. Too much to say and with too few words.

I hope it will do well when it hits Rotterdam Festival in a week or so. A film with the cold passion from an observing mind.



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