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Rome (Italy), August 1, 2013

Hi all,

boy has it been a long time.
A ton of things kept me away and of course I read the entrances of you.

Just now I finished a small cameo on a film that will likely blow people's minds if it gets released. Many films don't see the light of day. This one will be seen. I certainly hope so. It is about being human and love and laughs. Made in a few countries by a lovely possessed director and a team of young Italian filmmakers. They invited me last minute. The heart of the film was shot completely and on very shitty cameras mostly like the cellphone. I found I could give them my time, spoke on skype and landed in Rome on a day where all of Italy went away for the summer vacation and the days temp was 43C/109F and on the day I finished work berlusconi got a few steps closer to not be a painful and unclassy public clown anymore. I wish all Italians well with this and with these inventive filmmakers.
Goddamn God Bless!

One other thing. When I saw the film 'The Cove' and a little earlier 'Earthling' I deeply realized that eating meat or fish is not so healthy anymore as was taken for granted. I started to go a bit friendlier on that foodchain and my mercury level. Now eat meat once a week and fish twice if it comes from a far and wild salmon water. All that to say there is never an end to changing or understand.

The director of 'The Cove' talks about what he thinks people don't understand mostly about his film. What Paul Watson understood years ago I understood from 'The Cove' immediately.
I'm leaving below this director's skype talk (part 1 & 2) and you decide what it's worth.

Ciao Ciao,



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