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Prague (Czech Republic), December 4, 2014

Dear all,

It was a special day yesterday as I finished my last scenes on 'Emperor' while riding a horse in snowy fog and fighting with swords, a little like I had started my film career. 45 years ago.
Crazy. Lovely. And it was also a very intimate and relaxed day with the director working our last little bits.

I can't say I remember directors kissing the back of my head as a 'thank you/goodbye'. I think that is a good sign of this last day.

I'm not terribly sorry I have been so busy in these last few months, where projects came and went and changed weekly. With all the connecting schedules getting twisted, travel was a real challenge.

I see that Sarah inteds to run for Starfish again. Sarah rocks.

So I missed this lovely teenager's birthday. Sweet 13. Well damn, happy belated birthday, Anna. And yes, ok, use those voice messages. x

Last here I got a small message from the Oregon state. Michelle Pfeiffer hopefully knows so she can sympathise with me.

Quoting the email:

"I'm sorry to post this here, but am at a dead end trying to notify Mr. Hauer that Gift, the red-tailed hawk he worked with in Ladyhawke, passed away in her sleep last night (12/2/2014) here at Wildlife Images & Rehabilitation Center, in Southern Oregon. She'd been at W.I. for many, many years, once she retired from movies. She lived longer than any of us would have imagined, and provided many visitors with a wonderful treat of her majestic behavior. If you are able to relay this info to Mr. Hauer, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm sure he has many memories of working with her. Thank you."

"Like tears in rain"...


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