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Lisbon (Portugal), December 15, 2014

Dear all,

After one day to talk sense and do costume & make up & hair tests for the TV episode of a Russian-produced series based on the life of 'MATA HARI' I spent three days on the different sets and slept in a wonderful hotel like a baby.

Not much time left for anything else. Part of the work was at night and more cold than just chilly. No Christmas shoppings in Lisbon.

With age come different parts to play. Exceptions like 'HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN' in Canada or 'FRANCESCO' in Italy are not common in the filmmarket. I did nine "cameos" this year.

I love working on them because there is no room for error or nonsense. Brushstorkes need to be strong and hit their mark. To me they are intense nuts and I try to fill them with great passion and taste and if possible with my wacky sense of humour.

After I finished 'FRANCESCO' I had a nice time being the president of the jury for the short films in Locarno (Switzerland), and had a great time with very nice results. It was my fourth time being part of different festivals in different countries doing this and it gives me the greatest pleasure that my juries would always come out with their awards being agreed by all members. Veto power was never needed.

Today, I fly back to Budapest to finish work on 'THE LAST KINGDOM'.

And then I am done working this year. Incredible.

You will be able to see a short film I shot with a young diretor in Los Angeles two years ago, that finally has been finished. This film is called 'TURN' (link). I loved working on it and it is quite close to my heart as well.

Have a lovely Christmas.


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