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Home, NL, March 13, 2017

Dear all,

this is to show how things can get crazy.

Recently I thought I would spend a few months in the USA but they dwindled down to just two weeks.

While I was there, a job in Cape Town came through and that’s where I'll bounce to at the end of this week.

While in the US, I also had a flu attack and was pulled over by the police who told me my drivers licence had been suspended because I had an accident in July of 2016 and they were going to impound my car. I was in Europe in July so it made no sense. Cops don’t care.They go by the book.

The great thing was that I got my new green card and a nice stamp in my passport.

All that had to be taken care of while I was there.

It was insane, but now I'm resting for a few days before bouncing some more.

Ciao to all,


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