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Los Angeles, November 24, 2015

It has been a crazy and chaotic year where many projects started and then fell apart a month later.
I didn't feel that was terribly interesting to write about. But I did keep a man terribly busy.

On Dec 4th the film about Mother Theresa called "The Letters" will finally see the screening light. I hope it will be received well. My part as a sidekick priest to Max von Sydow's character was decent and difficult. He is a terribly nice man to be working with.

Priestly language hardly falls organically from my tongue. That needed some skills. We shot it in 2009.
Just goes to show how much patience and good will is needed. Juliet Stevenson plays "The mother of Mothers" and she is superb.

"Four Towers" was quite a nice thriller, which seemed real until a week before its shooting period. It was delayed and then collapsed into later and most of the time that becomes neverland.

There was another project which went the same way and I won't even mention it.

Meanwhile I have been co-writing a screenplay which is now almost ready to be presented to parties that may be interested. Never done this before and it was and still is very intense and concentrated work.

In the fall I found myself in Bulgaria. A worldwar II project that came together in a few months. This still has not gotten a new name, it seems they decided to lose the name they had for it for whatever reason. The story and character I was asked for needed some work and I was not sure if we could get all of it done in a few days before going into the cold studio.

I met the director on skype and we did well together.

Once in Sofia, we worked in a studio and outside on location. It was mostly nightshooting and very, very cold. But the work done was done with great colleagues and a very kind crew, and most important, with a delightful director.

Once this starts to have a face and distribution is real I will name names on this and tell more.

While I was in Holland recently we produced almost half a ton of delicious apple juice from the five tree we have. It was a first time.

The juice is delicious and we will sell it as a fundraiser for the Rutger Hauer Starfish Association in the next month.

Greetings from the sunshine city L.A.


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