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London, September 5, 1999

Dear website "dropins",

I'm back in London where I have about three weeks of work left on the shooting of "The Tenth Kingdom", the ten-hour miniseries for NBC.

Two weeks ago I was over in Edinburgh as "Simon Magus" was screened twice during the Festival. It went over well. The film had been shortened by almost ten minutes, which gave it a clearer story. Good work from Ben H. and Robert J.

A week ago I spent the day off trying to get a second laptop set-up again to log-on to the Net after my other one got stolen including disks, etc. That will be the last time I leave any of that good stuff in my car.

This week-end I was over in Holland and got to sniff the garden and the beginning of the fall. I also parked my celebsuit at the hotel where I'll be going back to for the Utrecht Filmfest on the 25th.

In the time in-between I was able to see some old friends and I had some less and more interesting meetings concerning the year 2K.

I'm trying to develop some interesting initiatives. One of which is going back to school. I'll tell you more as I decide.

One small last thing. I have been playing with the idea of developing HITCHER II. This can take a long time. And at the moment it's still far off. So. There.

That's it for now. I'll drop in now and then in the Guestbook just to show you I do catch up with what's in there.



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