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Home, September 8, 1999

Let me wag the dog a little.
By the end of the year I'll probably stop whining about the frustrating complications I find myself in trying to get this rolling smoothly.
I'll say thanks to Janet Hutchins because she was the first key to this "meltdown" process.
By the end of this year I also hope to achieve two things. First of all I'm digging into the remnants of my thirty years of hobbling around in this euphoric bizz. I'll organize some of it and I'll start a videolibrary club. Where you can be a member and I can "loan out" work you could not find.
The next thing is to organize some of my future plans and ideas.

As for questions and answers. I'm convinced the Site will answer most of them by then too.

As I will be in Los Angeles for a couple of months I will try to organize a first CHATROOM. I'll keep you posted.

I'm still investigating how to develop "space" enough on my Site to actually do the Newsletters on video. Without it getting too complicated to get it. The same goes for soundbytes. I'd love to read some of the poetry I like.
In principle, I've agreed to do a ten minute short with a Dutch filmmaker, probably at the beginning of 2K. It is based on one of the shorter stories of a very well respected Dutch writer. If we do, I will play it on my future work-related Site which will go online on 1st of January.

One odd note.
As I work on improving this pixel-driven home it may well get more reactions. I have not advertized it and I'm not sure I will. But strangely enough, more reactions would also make my direct participation in the Guestbook harder. TIMETIMETIME. It's meant as an informational thing with bits of wacky fun. Things that will amuse and/or surprise. We'll see. It has to be done. Greetings. I have to get on with my day before we start shooting tonight.


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