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Santa Monica, October 26, 1999

The gentle sound of the Pacific surf finds its way into the house.

It takes an hour for the sun to disappear but it is dark as night at seven.

Since we came from the much colder British continent the California temperatures are especially soothing. It's very warm during the day and cools off rapidly at night. We enjoy both.

After being away for over eight months it's hard to believe that both cars start right away, after connecting the battery.

We start to work out together but sadly enough, after a few days, my wife hits her toes into the wall on her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night and breaks two of them.

Which means I'll have to nurse and mother her as well as drive her around for some amusement. She's in pain but not ill or anything. More pissed off about this bummer.

We don't get to spend that much time in-between. I feel sorry too but since I don't suffer the pain it doesn't last that long. We'll just have to change plans, which we do a lot anyway.

The fact that it hurts too much to paddle the brake means I have to do all the other things which always get done. Like shop grocery, healthfood, apples & oranges. Los Angeles is unusual that way. Driving anywhere - including 10 minutes to park - takes always at least an hour back and forth.

Talk about planning. So, he or she who doesn't drive must be dead. Reading helps. Besides being the mother of this household I also have to go to dentists and doctors for check-ups plus fixing. I see this wonderful therapist for my slowly-healing knee meniscus. I don't dare to complain. I'm used to things getting done 4 me which isn't necessary healthy.

On the professional note I take several meetings about old and new material. I read a few scripts that seem to become "REAL". Go through the mail. My latest laptop had a serious flaw. Nobody knows where to start or how to fix it. So as soon as we touched down I got a G3 out of the shop.

My newsletter update is way overdue. I did manage to get it faxed out of the computer but it was not complete. Here comes a bit more update. Isn't it terrible, relatively speaking?


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