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Santa Monica, November 10, 1999

Oohps! Hard to believe that it is two weeks later.

We're taking a small drive - brake a leg - to the north of LA and stay at a very nice hotel for a few days. There is a spa and a golfcourse.

We brought some books and the computer. It's hard to do "spa" for me. Not enough patience. Almost as hard as it is to do "golf". Handicap below 0 but fun.

A couple of things have crystallized over the last 10 days. By the end of November I'll fly to Montreal to work on a film with Pam Grier called "SLOW BURN". Directed by Rodney Gibbons.

For Christmas and Y2K I'll be in the Netherlands.

In January I will shoot a 10-minute short with a Dutch filmmaker, whom I met some time ago. It is based on a short story by Harry Mulisch. One of the best Dutch writers. I will show bits from this little piece of work as work on it progresses. It is called "ROOM."

Some interesting development now going on considering "THE HITCHER II' because we said sort of goodbye to a draft which didn't seem to have the magic, which opened the door to new ideas. Robert Harmon came in. And Artisan expressed interest.

Last for now is a film which has been lingering for a year or two but I'll tell when I know if it will go or not.

Taught a class at USC and will do another on November 18th. Very enjoyable and no sweat to handle. Probably inherited something from MOM & DAD. OK.



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