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Montreal, December 23, 1999

Dear Fans,

Since I started this temperamental Internet adventure, with my added sporadic one-way conversation, I must say : "I'm having a ball with it". More work is done on the Site as technology develops. I hope to do a video newsletter soon as well as a short biography. Plus "clicks" with some surprises, be it audio, video or both.

Your comments are a source of joy. And inspiring. They follow me around. They are read every day. You know where my feet are.

I'm still experiencing the oddness of this "tool". In a world where even the most personal things seem to be turned into a business, I refuse to go further than passing on to you these tiny bites taken out of my life. I'll deepen some of them as time allows it.



I spoke to someone recently, who said that it was discovered that the year "0" has never been established. It seems to numb a bit of the hysteria for the Y2K. Well now....

I set out 30 years ago to bring variety to the film market place. And I'm still going. I'm not trying to please anybody. Every time I finish a job I add another character to the string. Even tiny roles can be big potatoes. I'm studying a craft which can only be mastered by practice. I'm learning how to fly. It takes off. It lands. It is the best. Sometimes it does both.

It's been such an enjoyable year. All projects were hard work but delightful. All made with little money and lots of love; except NBC's "THE TENTH KINGDOM", which was made with lots of money and lots of love.

The others were "SIMON MAGUS" which won a few nice awards already and is now chosen to screen at the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL. Around the time of my birthday. I may even attend.

"SIMON MAGUS" stands out for its poetry, compassion and intelligence. A "find" which happens maybe once in seven years. I also found space for my wicked sense of humour. Humour just makes everything fly. Next are "PARTNERS IN CRIME", and "SLOW BURN". All have good hearts.

I've just signed up - few days ago - to do another "love" project which will start photography in the beginning of Y2K. It's called "LYING IN WAIT". Virginia Madsen will occupy the female lead. It's written by D. Shone Kirkpatrick who also will direct. It's a hell of a story with a pure heart. And a story from hell as well. On earth though.

I'm convinced Y2K will be the "BLADE RUNNER" year. Warner Brothers has pulled the film out of release but I'm pretty sure it's part of a bigger plan.

I myself am starting to prepare for the event. The other night I got a whiff of its nature. Talking to an audience who came to see "BLADE RUNNER" here.

In a few days I'll fly the Concorde back to a European Christmas. I'm looking forward to it. The Concorde is such a blast. A heavenly limo with Mach 2. And while the late snow is approaching Montreal and the sun slowly lengthens the shadows downtown, I am packing my heavyweight (400 lbs) life in my trunks.

Until the next NEWSLETTER. Goodbye!


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