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Brian Hooks and Deon Taylor


Running Time: 90

Main Cast:
Brian Hooks - Marcus
Rutger Hauer - Detective John Criton
Antwon Tanner -Kareem
Cherie Johnson - Roxy
Wil Horneff - Scott
Germàn Legarreta - Shawn
Aimee Garcia - Jody
Judy Tylor - Karina
Jonathan Chase -Brandon
Austin Basis - Crazy Cal
Gwendoline Yeo - Detective Ann Hastings

Brian Hooks, Vashon Nutt and Deon Taylor

The spring semester is coming to a close at the prestigious Brattmar College, a private university in Colorado.

A close-knit circle of friends who have dubbed themselvews the 'Crew' are tired of studying for finals and engage in a harmless prank-calling contest called '75'. However in this modern version of an old prank, the calls are crueler and the stakes are higher. The rules are simple: to call random persons and scare the hell out of them for 75 seconds. If the person laughs or hangs up, you lose. Whoever has the best 'scare' wins. For the Crew and their friends, '75' quickly becomes a popular game on campus. Every night dorms are packed with students wagering on each phone call.

When finals are over and it's time to party, a rich classmate invites the Crew to his family's hideaway mansion in the mountains. But what starts as celebration, relaxation, and an exclusive round of '75' turns into an intense game of survival when someone accidentally calls the wrong person. The harmless prank has now become lethal. Isolated in a mansion miles away from the nearest city, the Crew has no hope of being rescued. As the body count continues to rise, those who remain alive attempt everything imaginable to escape.

Detective John Criton is the classic journeyman of law enforcement. He learnt long ago that you must always search for the truth no matter what the paper-pushers say. When he is on the job, protocol often takes a backseat to strong investigative instinct, and this has landed Criton in hot water time and time again. He certainly has earned respect amongst his peers and younger investigators, even though his boss would prefer he tow the line. He never capitulates to a 'quick solution' simply to quiet the public or the press. Criton knows it has to be a water-tight answer in order to live with his conscience. But because of his honest search for answers, there is a cold case from his early days on the force that still haunts him. And years later, it looks like the killer and the mystery have returned...

Rutger on the set, talking with some cast members

Set Shots:


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