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Giuseppe Ferrara


Running Time: 123'

Main Cast:
Omero Antonutti - Roberto Calvi
Rutger Hauer - Cardinal Paul Casimir Marcinkus
Giancarlo Giannini - Flavio Carboni
Alessandro Gassman - Francesco Pazienza
Pamela Villoresi - Clara Calvi
Alessandra Bellini - Anna Calvi
Francesco Cordio - Carlo Calvi
Camillo Milli - Licio Gelli
Franco Olivero - Michele Sindona
Mario Marchetti - Il Gobbo (the Hunchback)

Giuseppe Ferrara and Armenia Balducci

Roberto Calvi, the chairman and managing director of Banco Ambrosiano, (a bank based in Milano, Italy), is one of the key people who are all linked together by organized crime interests, political groups, secret societies, Masonries (namely the so-called "P2", - Propaganda 2), drug dealers, major financial institutions and perhaps - most stunning of all - a little-known entity identified as the Institute for Religious Works (IOR), the official Vatican's Bank. Calvi's Banco Ambrosiano is about to collapse and is going to take along in its devastating fall high officials within the Vatican and its bank, that has collaborated in building a network of offshore dummy corporations propped up under the Ambrosiano Group's line of credit, into which hundreds of millions of dollars have disappeared.

The Calvi affair is the intersection of several powerful segments in the Italian society that have international connections, and that have been using Banco Ambrosiano to funnel huge sums of money to regimes throughout Latin America which are friendly to both the U.S. Government and the Vatican.

In the center of this dramatic Church-State clash is the powerful Paul Marcinkus, IOR's President.

Put under a terrible pressure coming from high level manoeuvres, Calvi mysteriously vanishes on June 11, 1982.

Early in the morning of June 18, a body is found dangling from a rope underneath the Blackfriars Bridge in London. Police recover the corpse of a middle-age man, about sixty, paunchy, in a grey suit, with pieces of rocks and bricks stuffed into his pockets, as well as $15,000 in various currencies. That dead man turns out to be Roberto Calvi. The British coroner's report rules Calvi's death to be a suicide...

Paul Marcinkus (Rutger's role) was the former President of the Vatican Bank, IOR. After the 1982 collapse of the Banco Ambrosiano with which IOR has been closely associated, investigators issued an arrest warrant for him for complicity in fraud. The Vatican refused to admit legal responsibility for the Ambrosiano downfall but did acknowledge "moral involvement", paying out $241 million to creditors. It refused to hand over Marcinkus to the Italian authorities. He now works in a parish in the U.S.

Roberto Calvi (Omero's role) was once referred to as "God's Banker". Calvi acted also as the adviser when Marcinkus began transfering IOR's assets outside Italy, partly to avoid tax liability. The Vatican declared that Calvi was abusing the Vatican Bank's good name by making IOR a de-facto partner in a series of fraudulent banking transactions in the Bahamas and Latin America.

The Bankers of God's Italian theater premiere took place on March 8, 2002, notwithstanding the fact that one of the financing sources (Banca Nazionale del Lavoro) froze $2.5 million which had been already allocated by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

Rutger on the set with Omero (left) and Giuseppe

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