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Ridley Scott


Running Time: 112'

Main Cast :
Rutger Hauer - Roy Batty
Harrison Ford - Rick Deckard
Brion James - Leon
Daryl Hannah - Pris
Sean Young - Rachael
M. Emmet Walsh - Bryant
Joanna Cassidy - Zhora
James Hong - Chew
Edward James Olmos - Gaff
William Sanderson - J. F. Sebastian
Joe Turkel - Dr. Eldon Tyrell
Morgan Paull - Holden

Hampton Fancher and David Webb Peoples from the book by Philip K. Dick “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?”

Awards and Nominations:
1982 - Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award as Best           Cinematography
1983 - 3 British Academy Awards as Best Cinematography, Best           Costume Design, Best Production Design and Art Direction
1983 - Hugo Award as Best Dramatic Presentation
1983 - 2 Academy Award Oscar Nominations as Best Art Direction-Set           Decoration and Best Effects-Visual Effects
1983 - 5 British Academy Award Nominations as Best Film Editing, Best           Make-Up Artist, Best Sound, Best Special Visual Effects, Best           Score
1983 - Golden Globe Nomination as Best Original Score Motion Picture
1993 - National Film Registry Award of the US National Film Preservation           Board

2019. In recent years millions of people have been forced to colonize other planets due to the immense overpopulation and decay of Earth. Those who remain behind live in huge cities with buildings as high as 400 stories. The streets have become a seething melting pot of odd humanity. Garish streetlife, with its incessant flashing neon and bizarre traffic jams, clogs the city. The police maintain control through the use of sophisticated equipment like the Spinner, a flying car that enables them to hover above traffic and speed through the cavernous streets and up to the top of the highest skyscrapers, and the Esper, a super-computer that allows the authorities to search a room without even being there. Genetic engineering has become one of Earth’s biggest industries. When most of the world’s animals became extinct, the genetic boom hit big with a line of artificial animals for use as pets. The industry was soon supplying genetically engineered humans, called replicants, to the Earth’s colonies as slave labor and to the military for use in deep space.

The Tyrell Corporation, the top replicant manufacturer, recently introduced the Nexus 6 – the ultimate replicant, with the strength and intelligence of several humans. But they are virtually indistinguishable from real human beings and that is causing a major problem. Replicants are outlawed on the home planet, but occasionally some will manage to return to Earth and try to pass as human. That’s when the police call in the blade runners, specially trained detectives who use a sophisticated empathy/response test (called the Voight-Kampff) to tell the difference between humans and replicants. It is the blade runner’s job to track down these renegade replicants – and eliminate them.

The police have now received an emergency report – four Nexus 6 replicants have taken over a space shuttle by killing the crew and have returned to Earth. Capt. Bryant sends for the one man best able to find these non-human murderers. He is Rick Deckard – an ex cop and expert blade runner. Found at the downtown noodle bar, he is arrested and flown in a Spinner directly to Police Headquarters.

Deckard is coerced into accepting the case and is sent to the Tyrell Corporation to question Tyrell himself about his creation of the Nexus 6 replicants. In his Spinner, Deckard flies to the top of the 700-story Tyrell Pyramid and enters through the penthouse office. He is greeted by a beautiful, mysterious young woman who introduced herself as Rachael. Tyrell insists that Deckard try his test on Rachael before he will cooperate with the investigation. Deckard has to ask over a hundred questions before he's sure; but there is no doubt – Tyrell’s lovely assistant, Rachael, is a replicant. Meanwhile, the four renegades (two male, two female), have disappeared into the city's population. Their leader, Roy Batty, masterminds a plan to survive. Deckar’s first clues lead him to an exciting confrontation in a bizarre nightclub with an exotic snake dancer who overpowers him and escapes. Deckard pursues the suspect through the crowded streets, finally dispatching her with his blaster. A second replicant, witnessing his companion’s death, promptly attacks Deckard. After a violent fight, he is about to kill Deckard when a gun is fired and the replicant falls dead. Deckard looks up to see Rachael pointing a gun. He realizes he owes his life to her. Rachael helps Deckard back to his apartment, and against all laws and common sense, he finds himself falling for this exquisitely beautiful, but unfortunately non-human, young woman. The next morning, they make love for the first time.

Why the four fugitive replicants returned to Earth becomes clear when their leader, Batty, infiltrates the Tyrell Corporation in order to confront his creator. But when Batty is convinced that Tyrell cannot meet his demands, the replicant literally crushes his “maker’s” head between his bare hands and sets out to avenge the death of his friends. The climatic confrontation between Deckard and Batty is a terrifying and suspenseful chase through decaying buildings and across rooftops and ledges hundreds of stories above the teeming city. It culminates in a savage fight to a surprising finish that will haunt Deckard forever. Before returning to Rachael, Deckard learns that she is now considered a renegade and he is ordered to eliminate her. But Deckard realizes he is in love with the girl, human or not, and faces the most difficult decision of his life.

This is now considered a cult movie and the best Sci-fi film ever made.

The most recalled point in the movie is Roy Batty’s final monologue “Tears in Rain”.

Set Shots :

Rutger's Video Comments :


An homage from Sir Anthony Hopkins:

Blade Runner - 'The Finan Cut' Trailer:

Roy Batty's Incept Date Celebration - January 8, 2016:

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